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    Formcase Charging Solutions Formcase is a company that is dedicated to creating charging solutions for schools. We believe that students need to be able to focus on their learning, not on their devices' battery life. That's why we created Formcase—to bring the best charging solutions to schools all over the world. Horizon School in Abu Dhabi We recently visited Horizon School in Abu Dhabi to deliver our charging solutions to them. We had a great time at Horizon School in Abu Dhabi. We were able to provide our charging solutions to them and help make their classrooms better. Education Technology Formcase charging station is the best solution for schools and universitiesto charge their devices. It has the capacity to charge up to 10, 16, 32, and 36 devices simultaneously. This charging station is a very secure, safe and high-quality product which will help teachers to move multiple devices from one classroom to another classroom. We believe that education technology will become a more innovative environment with the help of Formcase. We offer completely customized, portable, and durable charging trolleys. * High Quality * More Secure * Mobility


    ASIA'S LARGEST AND INDIA'S ONLY EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE FOR EDUCATION AND SKILLING RESOURCES WHAT IS DIDAC? DIDAC an ideal platform for committed executives, educators, and professionals to come together and discuss how to build and strengthen the education and training industry globally, with an emphasis on India. Didac India is Asia’s largest & India’s only event showcasing educational, training, technology and didactic resources & solutions for Education and Training professionals from across the globe to experience, evaluate and purchase an innovative and comprehensive range of edtech products & solutions. The exhibition serves as a comprehensive platform to meet executives and decision-makers from educational and training institutes globally and assist in implementing concepts and enhance their educational standards at par with global practices. WHY INDIA? India is the second-largest education market in the world, and it also has one of the fastest-growing markets for educational technology. The Indian Education technology industry drew $5 billion in investment in 2021, the greatest amount for any sector. India is a desirable market for educational technology since it has the largest smartphone market in the world, some of the lowest data costs worldwide, and has one of the youngest populations. India is home to 17% of the world’s total population. It is accommodated in an area that is 2.4% of the world’s total geographical area. It is geographically well connected to all Asian countries. It is the fourth largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity. It has 1.5 million schools and 33,000 higher education institutes making it the world’s largest market for Education and Training Resources. As against 2,820 languages in the entire world, as many as 325 languages are effectively used in India alone. It is the world’s second-largest English-speaking country. It is the largest home for consumers of education services in the world. It has the second largest Higher Education system in the world in terms of enrollment of students In higher education institutions. DIDAC INDIA 2022 The Didac India 2022 is an exclusive three-day edtech event held in September 2022 that brings together stakeholders from around the world involved in education technology. Exhibitors had the opportunity to meet, interact, and showcase advanced and innovative resources to education stakeholders, institutions, and companies, in order to facilitate the continuous improvement of instructional teaching and learning. A perfect platform for establishing new channel partners and interacting with vendors face-to-face. FORMCASE With over 14,000+ visitors, 200+ exhibitors and 34+ countries, it will be an empowered platform to connect with education industry including government ministries, foreign universities, educational institutions, schools, colleges, training companies, school associations and educational technology companies from across the globe. The experience has been a great opportunity for us to showcase our company and products and give people a chance to learn more about what we do. We offer completely customized, portable, and durable charging trolleys for iPad/tablet. Our products are: * High Quality * More Secure * Mobility FORMCASE @ DIDAC INDIA 2022 We participated in DIDAC India 2022 with visitors from across the globe to learn about our product Formcase. With over 14,000+ visitors, 200+ exhibitors, and 34+ countries, it will be an empowered platform to connect with the education industry including government ministries, foreign universities, educational institutions, schools, colleges, training companies, school associations and educational technology companies from across the globe. The experience has been a great opportunity for us to showcase our company and products and give people a chance to learn more about what we do. Formcase is delighted to have taken part in it, and it is a privilege for us to interact with leading educators from around the world to provide information about Formcase.


    Digital education, also known as technology enhanced learning (TEL) or e-Learning, is the creative application of digital tools and technologies during teaching and learning. Exploring the use of digital technologies allows educators to create interesting learning experiences for the classes they teach, and these can be blended or entirely online courses and programs. The phrase "digital education" is being used more and more, but frequently without a clear understanding of what it entails. It is sometimes used synonymously with e-learning, online learning, and technology enhanced learning (TEL), however it can be argued that each of these phrases refers to a different stage in the development of the subject. Any "education that is conducted at least partially in, with, or via digital technologies" falls within the broad definition of "digital education." This is a very wide definition that could include online-only education, blended learning (which mixes online and face-to-face training), and the use of technology in traditional classrooms. Digital technologies are a ubiquitous element of life in the twenty-first century, whether it be online banking, social media, streaming services, or activities used specifically for business or education like email, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF handouts. The adoption of pedagogical approaches expressly geared toward digital education, as well as the usage of more overtly digital technology like the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), can feel a little more frightening. Why engage with digital education? Digital education provides many opportunities to engage learners, personalise learning experiences and widen access. It can make it easier for learners and educators to actively engage both with each other (e.g. through email, IM (instant messages), video chat, online forums, social media etc.) and with learning materials. • Accessibility: With the advent of digital education, students now have the freedom to choose their own study schedules and access information whenever and wherever they want. This could encourage lifelong learning and increase access. Students with impairments may be able to access the material, for example, by using text-to-speech software or screen readers. The availability of education to "non-traditional" students, such as those who reside far from a university campus or who have childcare or employment obligations, can also be improved through online and blended learning. • Personalisation: The ability to customize the learning materials and/or the technology settings is made possible by the availability of learning resources in digital formats. As a result, it is simpler for the student to access and utilize the resources in a way that best supports their academic progress. • Flexibility: The flexibility to deliver learning content in several forms, modes, or languages and to engage synchronously and asynchronously with individuals around the world are only two examples of the affordances that digital technologies frequently offer that are not available in traditional formats. • Authenticity: Digital proficiency is currently considered to be a crucial graduate trait because it is necessary for the modern global citizen to be able to interact with the digital world. Formcase helping for digital education at educational institutions, including colleges, schools, training businesses, school associations, and global educational technology firms.

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  • Formcase KidCover | Formcase International | Made in Germany

    Über Uns Formcase KidCover For iPad 10,2" 2019/2020/2021 (7th- /8th- /9th Generation) Item number: DC-EDU-40 Delivery time: Available! Get a quote Purchase by invoice possible -also for schools (Offline payment)- Questions about the product? -Visit our FAQ's- Download the datasheet USB-A Version / USB-C Version Maximum stability -Production in Germany- Product details Stand function :fold-out stand for placing the protective cover Accurate fit : 100% accurate fit Material : outer material TPU/silicone Accessibility : All buttons and connectors are freely accessible Usage: Integrated control buttons Dimensions (L x W x H) : Length 245 x Width 175 x Height 17mm Weight : 0,218 Kg Warranty: 1 year manufacturer warranty Customers who bought this item also bought Formcase FlipCover Combination lock MFI Lightning Cable Accesspoint If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us: Email Phone +49 7321 4887810 (press 2) Contact form To the contact form Chat Chat now Formcase Videothek / Stabilität der Koffer Formcase Videothek / Stabilität der Koffer Play Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied Search video... Now Playing 01:58 Play Video FORMCASE - THE MISSION IMPOSSIBLE IN DUBAI (4K) - Tabletkoffer Verfolgungsjagd in Dubai Now Playing 01:01 Play Video Formcase "Das Cover" - Unsere beste Schutzhülle (German Version) Now Playing 00:51 Play Video Formcase - SUV vs. Trolley Now Playing 00:42 Play Video TransformerCase T16 Pro - Tablet Trolley Now Playing 01:14 Play Video Formcase - Das 5m Free Fall Experiment

  • TransformerCase T16CX - Schuko | Charging Trolley

    Über Uns Transformer Case T16CX Charge Only! For up to 16 devices via power sockets Description Technical Data Advantages Article number: TC16CXE3 Request a Quote Delivery time: Available! Questions About Product? Visit our FAQ's Maximum Stability Made in Germany Purchase on Invoice Also for schools Product description The Formcase TransformerCase tablet case series holds up to 24 devices, depending on the case model, through precisely customizable premium foam. Through free customization, Formcase customizes the foams to the millimeter according to the customer's specifications. In general, Formcase distinguishes between iPad charging cases with USB technology, as well as laptop charging cases with high quality Schuko socket strips for the use of the original power supplies. All charging cases from Formcase have an on/off switch, as well as an integrated active ventilation system for optimal cooling in the storage cases. Due to the intelligent charging technology, a timer is no longer necessary, as the transport cases from Formcase automatically control the charging cycle. iPad cases and laptop cases from Formcase are made exclusively from the highest quality materials and ensure consistent weight optimization due to optimal material composition. All case solutions from Formcase have optimally protected smooth-running wheels, as well as an extendable trolley handle for easy transport, even over steps. The cases can be locked by means of a device for padlocks, thus ensuring optimum theft protection. All in all, the perfect solution for your digital classroom. Product Details Integrated power outlets / sockets for devices with up to 230V Charge for up to 16 devices simultaneously (even when closed) Trolley system; extendable and replaceable handle with built-in safety device Two side carrying handles and one handle integrated in the lid All handles are recessed and thus protected from damage Two wheels (built in) with underbody slide system Active ventilation system (max. noise level 31dBA, air capacity: 39m³ / h) Labeling option for individual labeling of the case Foam completely customizable and replaceable at any time Functions Charging via power outlets / sockets Safe storage Easy to transport Data sheet Download here Key data Dimensions: ​ Weight: ​ Device compatibility: ​ Device Size: ​ Dimensions for Tablets: ​ Power Supply: ​ Security: ​ Charging Power: ​ Cooling: ​ Material: ​ Color: ​ Certifications: ​ Standards: ​ Country of Manufacture: ​ Manufacturers' Warranty: ​ ​ 358 x 690 x 380mm (HxWxD) ​ 12.9 KG Tablets / Laptops that cannot be charged via USB ​ Up to 16 devices with max. 11" (incl. cover) ​ 270 x 200 x 24mm ​ ​ On/off switch Lockable by padlocks ​ 10A - 220 - 240 V - 50/60 Hz ​ Active ventilation system ​ Polypropylene and fiberglass composite material ​ Black ​ CE, REACH, RoHS ​ DIN EN 60950-1, DIN EN 55022, DIN EN 55024 ​ Made in Germany ​ 1 year manufacturer warranty ​ (Warranty extension optionally available) Many are Strong - Formcase is Stronger Mobile & Strong The integrated smooth-running castors are recessed and therefore protected from damage. The rollers allow easy transport from A to B, as well as on rough ground. Comfortable & Light The extendable telescopic handle and the side-mounted handles make transporting the case particularly comfortable. Likewise, the rear-mounted underbody slide system facilitates transport over steps. Organized & Practical Free Inlay Service! You tell us which devices you want in the case and we will make your own custom case 100% custom fit for any tablet, accessory and case at no additional cost. No cable tangle thanks to Formcase! Thanks to the sophisticated cable management system, the original power cables of the mobile devices can be easily wired and the excess length can be stowed in the designated slots. If necessary, the cables can also be quickly replaced. TransformerCase T16 CX Advantages Ventilation Integrated Fan System Charge management Optionally available Compatibility For Tablets 11" or Laptops Charging By original power adapters Safe transport Extremely robust outer shell Lockable Padlock Stable Highest quality materials Hardware protection Rubberized smooth running rollers Production Manufactury in Germany Cable management Well thought system Absolutely Strong High Quality Product Integr. Power Outlets For the use of original power adapters Tablet charging case? Formcase. Formcase Accessories High quality Formcase premium accessories for all TransformerCase and TransformerCart models. In addition to the separately purchasable Transformerhub charging stations, you will find all accessories such as tablet protective cases, charging cables, locks and adapters. View the accessories Related Formcase Models TransformerCase T16 PD Perf. Charge Only! Via USB-C 3.0 Here to the cases TransformerCase MLX Series Charge Only! For up to 20 devices Here to the cases TransformerCase T24LX Charge Only! For up to 16 Laptops or 24 Tablets Here to the cases Our product catalog Download now! Free Demo Unit? You want to have a look at our charging cases first? No problem! At Formcase you can easily get your own picture as an educational institution and convince yourself of our quality! Request a trial now! #From.Germany.To.The.World. Formcase as a leading case manufacturer worldwide is constantly expanding. With resellers and distributors worldwide, the vision is clearly in the foreground. When it comes to storage and charging solutions around mobile devices, Formcase is the right place for you. Become an authorized Formcase partner now and offer your customers the highest quality case solutions in the future. Become reseller now If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us: Email Phone +49 7321 4887810 (press 2) Contact form To the contact form Chat Chat now

  • Inquiry | Formcase International | Made in Germany

    Inquiry - We'll get back to you as soon as we can - Contact / Inquiry End Customer or Reseller arrow&v Which devices are you going to use? arrow&v Submit inquiry! Free Demo Unit? Submit inquiry!

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